D Soma Sundara Rao, Asst. Professor in English(Retd.),, Patamatalanka, Vijayawada.

J. C. Ellis & Esther Chandrika, Hyderabad.
December 31, 2017
Aradana Holy Land Tour’s 51st batch has successfully completed the tour and has returned back on December 4th, 2018.
August 3, 2018

Praise the Lord!!
Warm and hearty greetings in the Precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus of Nazareth.It gives me immense pleasure to share my unforgettable and ever memorable experiences during my Holy Land tour organized by ARADANA TV Holy Land Tour division to Jordon, Palestine, Israel and Egypt.
At first, I thank God for showering His grace in abundance on me to take up the spiritual journey to the Holy Land. I also thank the management, ARADANA TV for providing me this memorable opportunity. We were of the 5th batch from ARADANA TV and it lasted for 9 days(i.e. 31/5/2012 – 9/6/2012). We were 53 members in the team headed by Rev. Suvaratha Raju and Mr. Samson David, the manager. Bro.Paul Pulla, the Director himself came to the international airport to greet us and to give us a warm farewell along with some of the members of the ARADANA TV. Rev. Dr. Suvartha Raju, who was our leader, prayed for us and we boarded the flight to Sharjha and from there to Aman, the capital of Jordon. We were given very good accommodation wherever we went with all the hospitality providing sumptuous food in the hotels. They also provided us well experienced guides to take us to different holy places in Jordon, Israel, Palestine and Egypt.
It was really a heart moving spiritual journey. Rev. Dr. Suvaratha Raju was an asset for us to preach and to lead spiritually. Our days work used to start with prayer, singing songs and the sermon by Rev. Dr. Suvaratha Raju every day at 6 AM and it lasted for 45min. Then we had breakfast and would go to the Holy places praising God and singing songs. Our guides used to explain everything in detail and it was translated by Rev, Dr. Suvartha Raju. He himself used to explain us from the scriptures according to the context. Our days journey would be completed with the preaching and the prayer after taking dinner by Dr. Suvartha Raju. Wherever we went, we prayed to the Lord, thanking Him for taking us to such Holy places.We visited Mt. Nebo where God showed Moses the promised land which he should not enter for disobeying God’s command for beating the rock with the staff and also for not glorifying Him. Later we went to Mt. Tabor, the place where the transfiguration of our Lord took place in the presence of Peter, James and John. From there we went to Nazareth where we happened to see the house of Joseph and Mary and where the Angel Gabriel talked to Mary when she was drawing water from the fountain. Visiting Cana was a thrilling experience and for seeing the place where our Lord changed water into wine in the marriage of Cana. We humbly worshiped our Lord praising Him and praying. We stayed in Bethlehem for 3 days and it exited me for staying in the place where our Lord was born. We offered our prayers with all the devotion. We visited Mt. Olive where our Lord used to pray. We happened to see the places where our Lord taught His disciples the Lord’s prayer, the place from which He ascent into heaven when the disciples were looking at Him.
Visiting Jerusalem, which was also known as Mt. Zion, was also a thrilling experience. We saw the Batastha, the pond where our Lord healed the sick man who was unable to move for 38yrs. We saw the places where our Lord took the cross on His shoulders went through the streets to Golgotha where He was crucified. We went into the tomb where the body of our Lord was kept.Our hearts filled with sadness and tears gushed out recollecting the pain and suffering the Lord was subjected to. We went to the house of Pilot where our Lord was judged and was thrown into the pit and also the place where Peter rejected our Lord for 3 times when questioned whether he was Christ’s disciple.
We visited the place where our Lord took the Last supper with His disciples. It was also the same place where the Holy Spirit came over the disciples on the day of Pentecost as mentioned in Acts 2nd chapter. We offered our prayer with humble devotion and we were touched by the Holy Spirit while praying. From there we went to the tomb of King David. Later we went to the Wailing Wall, the only western wall left of the Temple of Jerusalem. We offered our prayers there too. We visited the Sea of Galilee where our Lord met Peter while he was catching fish. We saw the place where our Lord spoke on the Mt. of Sermon which was mentioned in 5, 6, 7 chapters of St. Mathew. We took a voyage on the sea of Galilee. Later we went to Capernaum, Joppa, and other important Holy places remembering all other incidents. We passed through the mountain of temptation. From there we went to Jericho and saw the Sycamore tree which Zacchaeus climbed to see the Lord. We also saw the Mediterranean sea, the red sea and the dead sea. We went to Mt. Horeb, where our Lord spoke to Moses from the burning bush. As it was a Holy place, we silently offered our prayers. Later we passed through the great Egyptian desert, crossing the Suez canal, we reached Cairo. In Cairo, we visited the place where our Lord stayed in a house on the bank of the river Nile, when Joseph was instructed by the Angel to take Him to Egypt to escape from the killing of King Herod. Near by the house, there was a well in which the Book of Genesis was found. Very near to that place we saw where Moses was found by the daughter of Pharaoh.
In Cairo, we also visited the museum and had seen the mummies.We went to Gaza and saw the pyramids and Spinx. In the night we had our dinner on the river Nile on the deck of the ship. It was also another wonderful experience. On the 8th morning, we went to Alexandria airport and flew back to Sharjha and to Hyderabad. I thank the Lord for bringing us back safely to our place without any problem and in good health.

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